Plural Respect

This resource is not intended to introduce the concept of plurality.
Please read More Than One first.


Welcome to the public edition of Plural Respect!

This resource, originally created as a constitution for a Queer Pluralfolk union (and a manifesto for its authors), is intended for members of plural systems, their friends and aspiring friends, and others that desire to understand plurality with an open mind.

We dedicate this resource back to the community under CC-BY-SA - you may freely print, redistribute, modify, and share with appropriate credit.

The name of the group authorizing this resource has been removed for safety reasons.

Mission Statement

We exist to serve as a base from which avenues of support and empowerment for plural systems can be established. We acknowledge that community groups for openly plural systems in the same ilk as those for various queer and neurodiverse identities are still in their effective infancy, and that there are many mistakes still to be made - We can only hope to make those mistakes and fix them loudly enough for those who need to hear it. We strive for inclusion, for understanding, and to develop and proudly display the framework of plural understanding required to undermine the rationale behind widespread gatekeeping, apprehension, and hate.